That Feeling You Get When You’ve Gotta Do the Thing

And why you should chase after it

Have you ever had that moment when your professor asks a question and no one in the room has the answer but you do. And you’re eying the room wondering if anyone else is going to step up, but you realize that this is your chance. Your heart starts to beat faster because you know you’re going to do it. You slowly raise your hand, looking for any last takers to commit faster than you do.

And then you go for it.

What is that feeling? It is the initial thought of doing the thing, the saying yes part, and committing to that yes.

Photo by Lane Smith on Unsplash

I have been trying to figure out why this particular feeling is different than if you were about to go on stage or present a presentation or try a new trick.

I believe it is because it is the first part of feeling discomfort.

Just as it is wildly terrifying committing to that initial yes, it is also just as exciting. The fear in it is almost exciting. It is something that you haven’t done before, or a new challenge you didn’t think you’d take on so soon and the feeling inside of you starts to rise on the bounds of if I don’t do this then I am making a huge mistake.

I got that feeling when I heard about the Medium Personal Essay contest coming up.

I felt the pit of my stomach after the first paragraph. It was difficult to concentrate reading the rest of it because I just kept thinking, “Am I seriously going to do this?”

I think that wave of emotion is imperative for trying out new projects, new experiences, and new challenges in your life. Even if you start the process and leave, at least you committed to saying that yes.

Because saying yes is the hardest part. But once you do, that gut feeling is going to away, and I promise you,

you will succeed better than you think.

Good luck.

A 20-something who stutters and trying to figure out how to deal with it on top of adulting shenanigans and discovery