Keep on Keeping On

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

I love this phrase. Its not the same as “Keep Calm and Carry On” or one of those other ones you see on a wooden mantle in Homegoods.

I love this phrase because unlike some of the others, this one feels real. it feels genuine.

It feels like reality.

It has depth, and it has soul.

It reminds me of my church-going days.

Songs of days where we have to get through the bitter to get to something greater. How we have to put all our faith in God in hopes for something brighter. We keep moving to the beat of the drums and the rhythm of our hearts because in the end, without the push within ourselves we might not make it as far as we were hoping for.

Keep on Keeping on reminds me of the grind
and the hustle that is life sometimes. And although I do not advocate to stay locked in that mindset, sometimes you have to do it.

Sometimes you have to wake up to go to a job that you don’t want to have, or work more than one for the paycheck you barely get or interact with people that don’t give you the respect that you deserve.
But if you keep on keeping on, you will get through the bullshit, through the murky waters, and you’ll see the water below one day, bluer than the sky itself and as clear as glass, and you won’t ever have to wonder again what such beauty looks like.

When you keep on keeping on, you might have to fight through the tears,
endure the pain,
or make a sacrifice that will come back in the long run.

Keep on Keeping on is of the everyday man. They walk among us, hoping that all will go according to God’s Plan.

So if you feel as if your back is breaking and your feet are swelling in agony, I promise you the fight is almost over. Just keep on keeping on and that finish line will be there before you know it.




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Asia Monét

Asia Monét


A 20-something who stutters and trying to figure out how to deal with it on top of adulting shenanigans and discovery