Here is Why Someone is Your Friend and Why They Stick Around

I was attending perhaps my last SF NSA chapter. Our leader David was talking about friendships that we hold, the leaderships we take in the workplace, and what people gravitate towards us. He said that people will follow you and chose to follow you even with your stutter.

And that was powerful.

I’ve been in positions before where someone unfriended me because of my stutter.

I have also been in positions where I have old friends and have never told them I stuttered.

And it just struck me here that my speech impediment does not matter. They will be my friend regardless. They will support me regardless. Or I will have employees who will be a part of my team regardless of my stutter.

Because in the end, there is no obligation for them to stick around, and they have a reason as to why they do.

The biggest thing that people value maybe next to love is time. We always go on about:

“Thank you for your time”

“I don’t want to waste your time”

“ I hate that we don’t spend enough quality time”

You can’t have more time.

So why waste it on people that you don’t want in your life?

That sounds harsh but in reality, it’s true. Most people are going to stay with you or support you because they chose to spend that time on you. And that is something we all have to remember.

It makes my heart warm that there are people I never told or people that I just met that I stutter are still here because at the end of the day my stutter is a nonfactor.

So if you’re feeling down today, know that that the people in your corner chose to be on your corner and that’s a wonderful wonderful thing.



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Asia Monét

Asia Monét

A 20-something who stutters and trying to figure out how to deal with it on top of adulting shenanigans and discovery