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Asia Monét
2 min readJul 13, 2022


Tues July 12 2022

i was going to start this post out a little differently but I have to say this first.

Today the Webb telescope just released never before seen images of the universe. Quite literally a grain of sand of what is out there and i’m seeing this for the first time (tues morning, but hank green posted a tik tok last night i saw) and its just. it brings tears to your eyes. The vastness of the universe. How beautiful it all is. How connected we all our, how small we are, how so fucking small we are. How we should [do] whatever we want, how nothing matters and i’ll be nothing but dust one day and how our eyes look like galaxies of worlds unseen and how my great grandmother turned 94 today and how much life she has lived and how much she has seen and how nothing matters but yet everything matters and its just all so much its so much to consume and my little brain can’t take it i’m crying now. And how you know what maybe I should kiss charly and whoever the hell i want to kiss and live however I want to live who cares that i don’t have money because there’s a whole world out there there are galaxies out there and so much matters and nothing matters and how the way that I looked at simon the other day and he caught my glances and how that makes me smile and its just a moment in my life a fraction of my life in a world of billions of people on this small earth on this small planet and galaxy and universe my god its all so big its so big and I can’t help but cry because i am nothing but an atom of a second of existing in this universe out of universes and so as miniscule and so paralyzing that is i might as well just


because its all just so fleeting. my existence is as fast as the speed of light.

I wish I just wish more than anything i could see it all.

but if this is the closest i’ll get. I’ll be okay with that. because it was an honor and a privilege





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